6 Things You Don’t Know About 3D Printing

The popularity of 3D printing is booming in every direction. The fascinating concept is already imprinting its marks in many industries including manufacturing and film industries. If you’re new to 3D printing, certainly you’d want to know more about it. To enlighten you further, we have shared some particulars about 3D printing. 

The concept of 3D printing dates back to 1980s

Though the concept of creating 3- Dimension objects seems new, it’s much older than most people think. It first emerged in the 1980s, after the discovery of stereolithography by Chuck Hull. This famous inventor used UV lasers to solidify photopolymers to create 3D objects. 

Is extremely used in the film industry

3D printing technology is a treasure for movie producers. Because it has made the creation and recreation of props super-easy and remarkably cheap. The technology has been used in movies like Jurassic Park, IronMan, The Avengers, Real Steel, to name a few. 

Cost of production is cheap and cheerful

Setting up a manufacturing model is not a feasible option for most producers. Besides, you have to work on machinery and equipment and rent or buy space to store them in the hope that customers will purchase your product later. Instead of emptying treasure like this, the best alternative is 3D printing objects. With the addition of a few machinery and equipment, they are all set to go. What’s more? 3D printing smoothly handles printing orders on-demand at affordable costs.

No unnecessary production waste

Gone are the days when creating a model means drilling, cutting, and shaping while wasting a good quality of base material. With 3D printing, there is no dealing with leftover scrap material. The object is built from the base material, without much waste.

Printing is possible using a variety of materials

Another fascinating fact about 3D printing is materials like wood, plastic, ceramics, and more can be used to print. Even materials like gold, silver, and titanium are counted among popular materials used to print jewelry. 

3D printers are affordable

Although 3D printers are a wonderful attraction, most people believe they’re high-priced. 3D printing technology is affordable if you’re ready to spend as much as 300 dollars. It’s a wise idea to own this technology when you’re looking forward to establishing a manufacturing firm; otherwise, the best option is to connect with top 3D printing service in Houston TX for desired 3-Dimensional objects. 

At last, the most important factor is 3D printers are not real printers. The printing units are commonly known as printers but in actual, they are called additive manufacturers. 

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