Gamora's switch blade

Gamora's switch blade

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This listing is for the Gamora's switchblade given to her by Thanos !! This is my personal design. This listing is for a set of raw unpainted prints. They will come separated so you can easily paint and glue them together to your liking. Super glue can be used to combine the pieces. (Make sure there is no paint on the glued parts or else it will not adhere correctly.

the handle is about 4 in long and each blade is an additional 3 in.

need to know.

parts will require sanding- I start with 120 then prim with a rustolium filler primer from home depot. Then sand with 220 grit and prime again. continue this until you are happy with the finish
also you can use any spray paint or acrylic paints to paint your item.

CA glue is amazing to glue the pieces together. Be careful it is the best superglue you will ever use. and it will harden very fast.

bondo spot putty is great to put in the seams where the parts were glued together.
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