Majoras Mask

Infinity 3D Prints

This is the coolest 3D printed Majora/s Mask from Zelda. This is perfect for a Zelda cosplay or just an amazing collectible.

Majora's mask will be printed using great quality black plastic. the face will come in 2 a parts split right down the middle. The top 6 spikes will also be printed separately and will need to be attached.

Assembly is easy and gluing can be done using any super glue or plastic epoxy.For best results sand and prime before painting. Bondo spot filler is also great for the seams. An elastic strap(not included) can also be glued on to support the mask on your head. For painting any acrylic paints will work. I use spray paint for a majority of my painting.

The mask dimensions are 24cm tall, 27 cm wide and 6cm deep. (not including spikes in the dimensions)

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