Triple saber stand

Infinity 3D Prints

This stand was a custom design for real custom lightsaber hilts. This stand is 3D printed and reinforced to withstand the weight of any hilt made.

It is very durable and can be printed in any color you want. If you would like a symbol for it just send me a pic and I will put it on there. Want to add the name of your saber no problem. The back level is made to support a bane saber but can be leveled out to support any saber you want. I want to provide a customized service like you have never seen!

If you would like another style to match your hilt just ask. I will custom design one to be perfect for you!

The standard stand will fit any hilt longer than 7.5 in.

Not associated with LUCASFILM LTD or LFL LTD film or franchise.

Collections: Star Wars

Category: lightsaber stand, saber stand, Star wars

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